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I was born in Venezuela in 1969. I studied graphic design at Perera Design Institute. After my graduation I started to experience life as a designer. I worked in the movies and television media as a set designer and as a graphic designer. During these years my artistic work started to develop. In 1994 I moved to New York and studied painting at the Art Students League of New York. My work was showed in galleries as part of group and solo exhibitions. At the same time I experienced work in other fields such as sculpture restoration, metal furniture design and special artistic wall finishes. In 2004 I moved to Israel where I live and work at the present.

My paintings have a dramatic color, contrast and strong sense of space with a dreamlike quality

The fields of color and shape are interrupted by slices, resewing, and attaching different materials. Perhaps this is about dislocation, being patched from one place to another. Landscapes of the mind and of the body are highly personal, erotic, and interior.

Every painting has their own story, their own world, an intimate world that travels between the micro and the macro universe around us.

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